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A Review on Su-Casa Furniture Store

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A Review on Su-Casa Furniture Store

Su-Casa furniture store is one of the worse shopping centers for the purpose of buying good quality furniture items. They offer defective products, obsolete furniture items, poor customer support services and zero financing flexibility options.

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Shopping for your house and embellishing it with some of the best products is a dream way too far with abundant fiddle stores present in the market. Su-Casa is one such store that you should keep at bay. The furniture items that this offers are not just obsolete, but even defective. The old fashioned defective furnishing items will certainly not be a priority in anybody’s wish list. Thus, this store calls itself a specialty store in order to fool innocent customers in search of finding quality furniture items. All these fake claims are made in order to trick customers for money in exchange of obsolete defective furniture items. Thus, beware of ever shopping furniture items and mattresses with this store.


They offer very less variety in designs, patterns and styles. Thus, it is a very difficult thing to find such furniture items that would enhance the beauty of your house. The furniture items they offer are easily subjected to termites, moisture, dust and dirt. They give up their color, shine and newness within no time. It is a very normal thing for the Su-Casa furniture items to degrade within a year of their purchase. This is because, they do not offer top notch branded products those are durable and long lasting. The poor quality is fully complemented with the poor customer support services.


You will have to dig your head harder and deeper in finding a furniture item of your choice without any help or guidance from the support staff. This happens due to the lack of trained and skilled helpers in the store. As customers, you will be informed nothing about the quality and product description of the furniture item that you will choose to buy. The rates are not at all suitable for the kind of quality they offer. They sell such cheap quality furniture items at exceptionally high rates. They use the name specialty showroom in order to befool the customers. Do not expect this showroom to offer special financing options, discounts or house packages at all.


Lastly, it is going to be a big mistake to shell your money in buying furniture items from Su-Casa furniture store, but it is going to be an even bigger mistake if you count on their delivery services. This store offers tortoise delivery to your doorsteps. In other words, the speed of delivery is as slow as the speed with which a tortoise walks and moved around. Therefore, you cannot count on Su-Casa store for anything, be it quality, discount, variety, customer assistance or home delivery.

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