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Review of Gavigans Furniture Store

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Review of Gavigans Furniture Store

Gavigans furniture store offers a very narrow range of furniture items for the customers to choose from. They lack variety in all the kinds of furniture items ranging from living room furniture items to dining room furniture items, home decor items and much more.

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Gavigans Furniture store is not a very good option, if you wish to find a latest highly in demand furniture item at discounted prices. This is because; Gavigans furniture store is not a true specialty store. It works like a jack of all traits and master of none. Thus, it displays only a few selective furniture items belonging to different special areas of the house. You do not get an access to variety in this furniture store. Hence, Gavigans is surely not the best of choices for you. You will have to satisfy yourself with the limited products they offer. Moreover, you will have to compromise with quality as well. The furniture items offered at Gavigans furniture store are not according to the market standards. Hence, you lose a lot while shopping with this furniture store.


Gavigans furniture store’s shopping drawbacks are not curtailed to just narrow range and average quality. They also cause discomfort to the customers, since they lack trained support staff members. You have to shop all by yourself. The complete details of the products are also not given to the customers. These limitations hamper a pleasant shopping experience for the customers. The list of negatives is very long. Gavigans furniture store is not a one stop shop. You will have to travel between different branches of this showroom within the city to find a desired product. This is a very tedious process and causes a huge discomfort. All the furniture items they offer are not placed at a single showroom. Instead, they place different items in different branches, with no clear prior information about which furniture items are offered at which branch.


This creates a situation of extreme mess and confusion. On top of all, the customer feedback services are very poor and slow. They take a lot of time to respond back to the customers for a solution regarding their queries. Such poor feedback services are highly frustrating. The products that they offer are not durable. They do not offer the same features as mentioned. Thus, you have a lot to put on risk while shopping furniture items from this ‘so called’ specialty store. This store offers furniture items at higher prices. They do not offer good discount to the customers on different products. Their prices do not vary much from the expensive MRP. Thus, it is clear that Gavigans furniture store offers a lot of discomfort to the users instead of offering them discounts, quality and variety.

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