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A Review on Room Store Furniture

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A Review on Room Store Furniture

RoomStore Furniture is an online furniture site that has been in the furniture and bedding industry since a long time now. However, they have gone offbeat somewhere is providing high quality vivid furniture items to the customers.

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RoomStore furniture is an old name in furniture industry. However, all the old names are not trusted and quality producers and manufacturers of goods and furniture items. Similar is the case with RoomStore furniture website as well. This brand offers its furniture items to the customers online. Different stores are present all across the city in order to supply the online orders placed by the customers. However, poor coordination between different departments make the customers suffer. The delivery system is very slow and the customer support services are very lame. These factors are some of the most annoying features of RoomStore Furniture.


The above mentioned poor customer care support could have been overlooked had the website lived upto the quality of furniture items it claims to offer. They have gone offbeat in providing optimum quality furniture items and beddings. Customers usually suffer due to defective items delivery. Moreover, the poor support services make this an even bigger issue. It is as hard to place a replace request as it is to place an order with this website due to its slow navigation speed. In all the situations, the website is never at loss. It is the customers who actually suffer. RoomStore Furniture does not even offer any flexibility in payment options. They offer no special policies the ease customers as well.


The items that they display in the website are sometimes not even a part of their stock. Most of the furniture items they display are very old fashioned. They hardly match with the contemporary and modern interiors. Thus, it is a very tedious task for the customers to find an item worth its price and then to place an order. Moreover, they offer defective furniture items that are not worth their price. The items that they display do not match with the quality of items they actually deliver. All these non professional services are a big loophole created by the RoomStore furniture website.


It is a highly non professional site that claims to be associates with some of the leading furniture brands in the industry. Yet another fake claim that this website makes is hassle free order placement, return and speedy delivery. No such promises are kept and customers suffer a lot due to the poor services offered by this website. They offer very less margin for the customers to save money. This is because they offer products at very high rates. They are not a budget friendly site. Thus, it is one of the worse options to select this online website for the purpose of purchasing branded high quality affordable furniture items.

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