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Review of Shofers – A Baltimore-based Furniture Shop

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Review of Shofers – A Baltimore-based Furniture Shop

Buying furniture items from online sites may be quite easy, but it is never a fun ride with Shofers.

1943 big Review of Shofers   A Baltimore based Furniture Shop

Shofers claims to be one of the top furniture shops in Baltimore, but the customers who have visited this store have a different story to say. In fact, some people consider it to be a No-Go option when it comes to purchasing new furniture items. Though the store has been carrying out its operation through a physical location in Baltimore since 1914, it hasn’t managed to receive any positive response from its customers for its products or services. Even the online presence of this shop has been termed as inconvenient and less user-friendly by many people.


Most of the people who haven’t visited Shofersmay feel that the store has a broad collection of furniture products and can help them out easily. However, contrary to the people’s beliefs, the store features only a limited mix of traditional and modern furniture products. And customers, who are very much eager to find furniture based on sensibilities and preferences may not find anything suitable in this store.


There is a misconception among some people in Baltimore that it sells affordable furniture products. It is important to know that the price range of the furniture products available in Shofers is rather on the expensive side and may not suit the people who are looking for affordability without compromising on the quality of the products in any way.


Apart from selling furniture products, Shofersalso claims to sell affordable bedding and accessories such as mattresses, beds, bed sheets, rugs, night lamps and many more for living rooms, bed rooms, dining rooms, etc. Though you may find all these products in the store, but you will never be able to afford them.


Shofers usually boasts about its experienced and creative interior designers who would work with you by providing insights and suggestions in choosing furniture for your home or office. Rather than giving suggestions, the creative team of this store gives out rude excuses and display inefficiency in helping out the customers. Even the custom order facility offered by this store has been appreciated by most of its customers.


When it comes to product deliveries, Shofers sure amazes its customers by not only delivering the products late, but also, damaging the products through improper handling. And, if you think, you can get the product replaced, then be ready to deal with the over-indulgent and rude customer support. If you want to avoid all these, try visiting a store nearby and make a good purchase.

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