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Price Busters –A Furniture Shop Not to Visit

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Price Busters –A Furniture Shop Not to Visit

Price Busters is a store based in Baltimore selling furniture products and other accessories at prices that are not worth to pay.

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If you are residing in the city of Baltimore and looking to buy quality furniture products for your house, then you must definitely avoid visiting Price Busters. The store caters its products only to the people in the city, and unfortunately, people outside Baltimore cannot order any furniture products from Price Busters. The store offers different categories of furniture products which are featured as well on its website. However, the categories are not versatile and will not offer you flexible options in deciding furniture for your home. Also, the store does not have a good collection of home office furniture items, products for home entertainment, mattresses, etc., which is a major turndown.


A unique thing about Price Busters is that they take the customers for granted. The store usually issues special coupon codes and offers claiming that its customers can utilize these to avail some good discounts. However, few customers complain that the store actually rejects their coupon codes saying that they have expired or faulty. Even without discounts, the prices are pretty expensive and very much unaffordable. This is really bad since many people find it difficult to buy quality furniture items at affordable prices.


A good furniture shop needs to have a good variety of products that attract people with different sensibilities and tastes. However, with Price Busters, it seems to be exactly the opposite. Instead of featuring a wide range of products from popular furniture brands, the store sells away cheap furniture under the name of unheard designers.


If you think that the buying process is very simple, then better wake up. When a person visits the website of Price Busters, and places an order, the website usually hangs up. Moreover, the secure payment processing methods offered by the store are pretty much unreliable. The prices won’t be the same if you go to one of the six physical stores of Price Busters in Maryland for purchasing. This is clearly a major disadvantage for customers who want to purchase the product of their choice by visiting the store and checking out the product themselves.


Price Busters is very much criticized by its customers for its inexperiencedcustomer support. One customer complains that the store persons do not respond well to inquiries made on products to be delivered, and also, on the products sent back for a repair or replacement. And, if you think that the delivery team is any good, then be ready to receive a rude shock.

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