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Review of Overstock Outlet Store

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Review of Overstock Outlet Store

Overstock Outlet furniture store claims to offer quality products at an affordable rate. However, they keep changing the prices of their products almost every day. This is one of the major drawbacks, since customers are always in a dilemma about the actual prices of different furniture items.

 Review of Overstock Outlet Store

There are various furniture and bedding stores in the market those are self acclaimed specialty stores. Such stores trap customers and wipe their hard earned money by offering obsolete and low quality items at exceptionally high prices. Overstock furniture store is one such store that keeps changing the product price every now and then. Thus, this store is not a good option to count upon. This is not a specialty store as well. A specialty store specializes in offering huge variety of latest fashion furniture items at the best possible market rates. Such stores offer huge discounts as well. No such facility is provided by the overstock furniture store.


It is a very tedious task to shop with the overstock furniture store. They lack highly trained and skilful helpers within the showroom. You are left all by yourself to hunt down a product of your choice amongst the heaps of obsolete furniture items. They do not segregate furniture items properly. Thus, it becomes even more difficult to find special furniture items for a specific part of your house. This means that if you are looking for living room furniture items, you will have to find it amongst all the furniture items present in the store. This is one of the major drawbacks of not being a genuine specialty store.


A specialty store classifies furniture items according to their use and places each one in their respective section. This makes shopping easier for customers, as they directly go to the section of their interest. Unfortunately, this is not the case with overstock furniture store. Thus, you tend to shell out a lot of time alongside money in buying furniture items from this store. The home delivery service offered by overstock furniture store is very slow. You might be kept on hold for many days. This is a very frustrating experience when you put in so much money and time and still don’t get the products timely. Hence, it is certainly not a good option to shop with overstock furniture store.


They choose a few selective modern furniture items and use them as display items. This is done in order to fool the customers that this store offers a huge range of latest patterns and styles of furniture and bedding items. Other than those few latest pieces of furniture, all the others are obsolete and low in quality. The products they offer are not durable and long lasting. Thus, overstock furniture store has surely created a benchmark, but that benchmark is created in providing low quality material and huge customer discomfort.


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