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A Review on Shofer’s Furnishing Store

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A Review on Shofer’s Furnishing Store

Shofer’s Furnishing store is situated in Baltimore. All the claims that this is a unique and a one of its kind furniture store are completely untrue and forge. This furniture store offers minimal variety of furniture items to its customers.

 A Review on Shofer’s Furnishing Store

Variety is the essence of every popular furniture specialty store. This basic element is missing in the Shofer’s furniture store. This store displays a very less variety of furniture items for sale. The variety is less in every aspect ranging from the design of the furniture items to their colors, shades, patterns and size. Thus, shopping with Shofer’s furnishing store becomes an already non-profitable deal for the customers. This is not a specialty store, which is clearly indicated by the lack of variety in this furniture store. This further aggravates the discomfort caused to the customers in shopping.


Since it is not a specialty store, all the furniture items are placed together. They are not placed according to different categories like living room furniture items, bedroom furniture items, mattresses section and dining room furniture items etc. The lack of proper classification makes shopping harder for customers. Customers find themselves lost between different furniture items places in a haphazard manner. It becomes hundred times harder for the customers to find a selective range of furniture items those they wish to purchase. All these inconveniences are taken three levels higher due to the absence of professional helpers in the showroom.


In the absence of professional helpers, you fail to get the complete details about the quality of the furniture items you tend to buy. This factor is exploited by the store and they sell obsolete low quality products at higher rates. The prices at which they sell their products are flat market rates with zero percent discounts being offered to the customers. Thus, Shofer’s furnishing store is one of the costliest stores in the city that does not even allow an access to proper quality and variety, both. They do not offer any kind of special packages or deals which can make it easier for the customers to purchase furniture items. Thus, this store offers minimal variety and maximum discomfort to the customers in search of furniture items for their house.


The Shofer’s furnishing store also offers home delivery services. The customers can place their orders online through the official Shofer’s website and this store claims to offer a speedy delivery of the products within no time. This promise is as superficial as any other promises made by the company. The website does not properly feature all the products present in the showroom. The delivery process takes too long at times. Moreover, the prices vary largely from what it is displayed online. Thus, do not trust Shofer’s furnishing store if you want to purchase high quality, affordable and latest furniture items for your house.

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