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A Review on Harvety’s Furniture Store

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A Review on Harvety’s Furniture Store

Harvety’s Furniture store is a very old furniture store that has been present in the market since a very long span of time. It worked very well in its origin days. However, from a few years it has started offering various problems in quality and customer satisfaction, both.

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Brands remain brands until they continue to deliver high quality of products and a hundred percent customer satisfaction. Harvety’s Furniture store was one of the most popular furniture stores in the market. However, now it has gone down in its quality and customer services drastically. Do not get carried away due to the past market reputation of this store. Currently, it is descending the ladders of success, since it has been causing huge nuisance to the customers. Currently, this furniture store is offering no new patterns, styles and designs of furniture items. It is still feeding the customers with obsolete furniture items. This store has nothing new to display, so that the customers could get the latest and in trend furniture items for their house.


Harvety’s Furniture Store lacks fresh designs. Moreover, the customer assistance is not as it used to be before. The customers find it very difficult to hunt down the required products all by themselves. Helpers and support staff do not offer any assistance regarding the exact product details to the customers. In such a scenario, the customers have to buy furniture items without having proper details regarding the quality of the product. The cost of the furniture items is extremely high. This store is offering obsolete quality of furniture items. Despite of this fact, they sell their products at exceptionally high prices. It is not an affordable option for the rank and file to buy furniture items from this store.


This store also offers the option of online purchase to the customers. However, placing an order online with the Harvety’s furniture store website is not an easy task. The website causes huge navigational problems due to poor designing. Moreover, the process of placing an order is very tedious. They offer home delivery services to the unlucky few who manage to place an order online. Those people are unlucky, since they have to wait for their order for days. The delivery system is very poor and slow. Many times the customers face the problem of wrong consignment delivery. The site is so mismanaged that sometimes they deliver a different design, size or color from what you ordered. The process of returning the product is as hectic as placing one. This is aggravated due to the improper guidance from the customer care executives, who are poorly trained.


This store offers no flexibility in the payment procedure to make its products affordable for customers. All these features are making shopping a very bad experience for customers. Harvety’s Furniture Store is not a good option if you wish to buy quality products well under your budget.

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