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Review of Shofers – A Baltimore-based Furniture Shop

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Review of Shofers – A Baltimore-based Furniture Shop

Buying furniture items from online sites may be quite easy, but it is never a fun ride with Shofers.

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Shofers claims to be one of the top furniture shops in Baltimore, but the customers who have visited this store have a different story to say. In fact, some people consider it to be a No-Go option when it comes to purchasing new furniture items. Though the store has been carrying out its operation through a physical location in Baltimore since 1914, it hasn’t managed to receive any positive response from its customers for its products or services. Even the online presence of this shop has been termed as inconvenient and less user-friendly by many people.


Most of the people who haven’t visited Shofersmay feel that the store has a broad collection of furniture products and can help them out easily. However, contrary to the people’s beliefs, the store features only a limited mix of traditional and modern furniture products. And customers, who are very much eager to find furniture based on sensibilities and preferences may not find anything suitable in this store.


There is a misconception among some people in Baltimore that it sells affordable furniture products. It is important to know that the price range of the furniture products available in Shofers is rather on the expensive side and may not suit the people who are looking for affordability without compromising on the quality of the products in any way.


Apart from selling furniture products, Shofersalso claims to sell affordable bedding and accessories such as mattresses, beds, bed sheets, rugs, night lamps and many more for living rooms, bed rooms, dining rooms, etc. Though you may find all these products in the store, but you will never be able to afford them.


Shofers usually boasts about its experienced and creative interior designers who would work with you by providing insights and suggestions in choosing furniture for your home or office. Rather than giving suggestions, the creative team of this store gives out rude excuses and display inefficiency in helping out the customers. Even the custom order facility offered by this store has been appreciated by most of its customers.


When it comes to product deliveries, Shofers sure amazes its customers by not only delivering the products late, but also, damaging the products through improper handling. And, if you think, you can get the product replaced, then be ready to deal with the over-indulgent and rude customer support. If you want to avoid all these, try visiting a store nearby and make a good purchase.

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Price Busters –A Furniture Shop Not to Visit

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Price Busters –A Furniture Shop Not to Visit

Price Busters is a store based in Baltimore selling furniture products and other accessories at prices that are not worth to pay.

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If you are residing in the city of Baltimore and looking to buy quality furniture products for your house, then you must definitely avoid visiting Price Busters. The store caters its products only to the people in the city, and unfortunately, people outside Baltimore cannot order any furniture products from Price Busters. The store offers different categories of furniture products which are featured as well on its website. However, the categories are not versatile and will not offer you flexible options in deciding furniture for your home. Also, the store does not have a good collection of home office furniture items, products for home entertainment, mattresses, etc., which is a major turndown.


A unique thing about Price Busters is that they take the customers for granted. The store usually issues special coupon codes and offers claiming that its customers can utilize these to avail some good discounts. However, few customers complain that the store actually rejects their coupon codes saying that they have expired or faulty. Even without discounts, the prices are pretty expensive and very much unaffordable. This is really bad since many people find it difficult to buy quality furniture items at affordable prices.


A good furniture shop needs to have a good variety of products that attract people with different sensibilities and tastes. However, with Price Busters, it seems to be exactly the opposite. Instead of featuring a wide range of products from popular furniture brands, the store sells away cheap furniture under the name of unheard designers.


If you think that the buying process is very simple, then better wake up. When a person visits the website of Price Busters, and places an order, the website usually hangs up. Moreover, the secure payment processing methods offered by the store are pretty much unreliable. The prices won’t be the same if you go to one of the six physical stores of Price Busters in Maryland for purchasing. This is clearly a major disadvantage for customers who want to purchase the product of their choice by visiting the store and checking out the product themselves.


Price Busters is very much criticized by its customers for its inexperiencedcustomer support. One customer complains that the store persons do not respond well to inquiries made on products to be delivered, and also, on the products sent back for a repair or replacement. And, if you think that the delivery team is any good, then be ready to receive a rude shock.

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Buying Furniture Products from Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Baltimore

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Buying Furniture Products from Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Baltimore

If you are looking for a good store to buy furniture items and mattresses online, then you can check out Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store which holds the key to all you furnishing needs.

Atlantic Furniture Urban Lifestyle Newport Bookcase Bed with Trundle Buying Furniture Products from Atlantic Bedding and Furniture BaltimoreAtlantic Bedding and Furniture is one of the well-known furniture stores not only Baltimore, but also, in the United States. From a wide variety and brands of furniture items and mattresses on sale, the store also offers various easy options that allow its consumers to purchase the products of their choice without any worries. The furniture stores in baltimore offers almost all its furniture products on sale through its official website Customers can browse through the user-friendly website of the store and locate and order the products of their choice with least fuss. The shipping process is also quite hassle free as the company takes pride in looking into fast dispatch of the products sold along with offering easy payback options.

The store has different furniture products suited for different rooms in your house. There are specific types of sofas, reclining chairs and other similar items available from Atlantic that can be used in the living room of your house. The sofa sets are available for competitive prices. Atlantic offers good prices that are cheaper than many other furniture shops in Baltimore. For bedrooms, you can choose from a great variety of beds, dressing tables, night lamps and stands, armoires, cedar chests and much more. If you are looking for dining room sets such as dining tables, chairs, bar stools, serving sets and racks, then Atlantic is the best place to check out.

One of the attractive and appreciated features of the Atlantic Furniture and Bedding store is the home packages offered. These are special packages which are designed to help customers furnish their entire home in one go. As part of this package, you can choose any three rooms of your home, and furnish it under one affordable package. The type of furniture you choose will depend on the package. Along with this, the store also offers no credit check finance option for customers who are tight on the budget.

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture doesn’t merely sell different types of furniture items and accessories suited for homes. It is a furniture hub that offers only quality products that are not only in your budget, but also, with easy purchase options. Along with home furnishing, you can also find great furniture items suited for offices like ergonomic office chairs, computer desks, storage units and so on.

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A Review on Room Store Furniture

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A Review on Room Store Furniture

RoomStore Furniture is an online furniture site that has been in the furniture and bedding industry since a long time now. However, they have gone offbeat somewhere is providing high quality vivid furniture items to the customers.

BigBed TheRoomStore FairfaxVA 810PM 19Feb2010 A Review on Room Store Furniture

RoomStore furniture is an old name in furniture industry. However, all the old names are not trusted and quality producers and manufacturers of goods and furniture items. Similar is the case with RoomStore furniture website as well. This brand offers its furniture items to the customers online. Different stores are present all across the city in order to supply the online orders placed by the customers. However, poor coordination between different departments make the customers suffer. The delivery system is very slow and the customer support services are very lame. These factors are some of the most annoying features of RoomStore Furniture.


The above mentioned poor customer care support could have been overlooked had the website lived upto the quality of furniture items it claims to offer. They have gone offbeat in providing optimum quality furniture items and beddings. Customers usually suffer due to defective items delivery. Moreover, the poor support services make this an even bigger issue. It is as hard to place a replace request as it is to place an order with this website due to its slow navigation speed. In all the situations, the website is never at loss. It is the customers who actually suffer. RoomStore Furniture does not even offer any flexibility in payment options. They offer no special policies the ease customers as well.


The items that they display in the website are sometimes not even a part of their stock. Most of the furniture items they display are very old fashioned. They hardly match with the contemporary and modern interiors. Thus, it is a very tedious task for the customers to find an item worth its price and then to place an order. Moreover, they offer defective furniture items that are not worth their price. The items that they display do not match with the quality of items they actually deliver. All these non professional services are a big loophole created by the RoomStore furniture website.


It is a highly non professional site that claims to be associates with some of the leading furniture brands in the industry. Yet another fake claim that this website makes is hassle free order placement, return and speedy delivery. No such promises are kept and customers suffer a lot due to the poor services offered by this website. They offer very less margin for the customers to save money. This is because they offer products at very high rates. They are not a budget friendly site. Thus, it is one of the worse options to select this online website for the purpose of purchasing branded high quality affordable furniture items.

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A Review on Marlo Furniture Brand

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A Review on Marlo Furniture Brand

Brands are expected to meet all the quality benchmarks in the market or even defeat them. However, you cannot expect the same with Marlo furniture brand that seems to be running backwards. It offers no variety, the products are costly, designs are obsolete and above all, the quality is poor.

361488 A Review on Marlo Furniture Brand

Marlo furniture brand is setting a new benchmark in the market for degraded quality. This is one of the leading brands in producing obsolete designs that are offered at exceptionally high prices to the poor customers. This brand sells its furniture and bedding items online and at retailer stores. The best of all is that this brand has established its own stores in various cities. Thus, it is working in its full flare to leave no room for befooling the customers. To begin with, Marlo furniture store features absolutely no variety and designs. They still focus on selling old fashioned furniture items. When the market is witnessing newer and fresh furniture items, this brand is sticking to offer old fashioned items to the customers.


Marlo furniture items are not at all budget friendly. Though, they are reported to be some of the most affordable furniture items, but this is a sheer marketing rumor. This brand offers even obsolete designs at such high prices which are never in synch with the quality they offer. Quality of the furniture they offer is also a cause of serious concern for the customers, since they put their money in buying these furniture items. The quality is very average and the furniture items are not long lasting. They lose their polish and finish within no time. It is absolutely overwhelming to witness that the customer services are the poorest of all.


You will never have any helpers around you in the retailer stores of Marlo brand. You will never get prompt and early assistance regarding a delayed delivery or wrong delivery. The brand climbs two steps higher in befooling the customers by providing misleading information about the price and much more online. Do not ever believe in the information that you find about the prices of the products they offer online. They usually include various terms and conditions that eventually make you pay higher than you knew and expected. Moreover, the stores do not have all the items to display. Thus, you will have to go from one store to the store looking for the product that could be worth your house.


Marlo furniture brand always claims to produce customer’s budget friendly furniture items. However, none of their products are discounted and cheap. They are cheap in quality, but are still offered at very high prices. You will have a very narrow range to choose from, the designs and patterns will never offer a perfect finish and above all, this brand offers defective items as well. Thus, never count upon Marlo furniture brand to offer high quality affordable furniture items.

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