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A Review on Ashley Furniture Brand

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A Review on Ashley Furniture Brand

Ashley Furniture is a very big furniture brand name in America and it claims to be one of the most reputed furniture brands in offering customer satisfaction in every aspect. However, shopping the Ashley furniture items is not a cake walk.

ashley dining seoul A Review on Ashley Furniture Brand

It is not an easy task to shop high quality furniture and house decor items. All thanks to the furniture brands like Ashley furniture who never offer what they claim. They offer obsolete furniture items, minimal quality, limited quantity and poor customer assistance. The Ashley furniture brand is one such brand which is a combination of these drawbacks. It is a very risky deal to put your money into the furniture items offered by Ashley furniture. The clearest proof of their fake claims is that people hardly know that Ashley brand doesn’t offer its products in its own showroom. Instead, it displays and sells its furniture items through franchise stores.


The franchise stores work like a cherry on the cake for fooling customers. According to the Ashley brand, they focus on producing budget friendly furniture items. However, they never mention that they compromise with quality in order to offer cheaper products to the customers. They still leave a lot of margin for their own profit out of the customer’s hard earned money. Their furniture items are very feeble and they never last for long. All this is an outcome of cheap quality. Ashley furniture is prone to losing its color, sheen and finish very easily. They do not offer much margin to the customers to save some valuable bucks. This is because; the discount offered by them is very low.


Ashley furniture is also a bad choice because it never focuses on producing higher variety of furniture items. The items that they say are new releases are not genuine new arrivals. They amend some old designs in tits and bits and offer the same under a new tag in order to fool the customers. Thus, this brand is money making brand that offers average quality and minimal variety. They do not specialize in producing all the kinds of furniture items for each section of the house. They produce a few handfuls of furniture items for each section of the house. Moreover, they also fail in producing such items that will definitely match the interiors and look of your house.


Moreover, they do not offer the furniture items at the same rates as they mention online. Thus, it is a misleading piece of information for the customers. You will always end up paying a higher price for the furniture items than what you found online. The delivery services are so poor that you may have to satisfy with a different design and variety than what you actually purchased or ordered. Thus, Ashley furniture brand and franchise stores are not at all trustworthy.


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